Wednesday, July 31, 2013

The Bright Starts™ 3-in-1 Baby to Big Kid Rocker™ REVIEW and GIVEAWAY!!

**DISCLAIMER: I received the product from Bright Starts for free but my opinions and views are my own **

Description from the Bright Starts Website


 The Bright Starts™ 3-in-1 Baby to Big Kid Rocker™ is the perfect seat to grow with baby! 

The seat rocks back and forth and features soothing vibrations with full body recline to help soothe baby. The removable toy bar allows easy access to baby and includes 2 interactive toys for entertaining. As your little one grows from baby to big kid, the seat can be used as a rocker or stationary seat – the rear kickstand can be locked into place to stabilize the seat and is conveniently located out of baby’s way. The seat also features an easy to clean seat pad with a fun, zoo animal print that is sure to make your little one smile! 


  • Seat can rock back and forth to soothe or can be set to a fixed position, great for small babies and older toddlers 
  • Full body recline with 2 positions 
  • Soothing vibration calms baby 
  • Removable toy bar for easy access to baby includes 2 interactive toys 
  • Rear kickstand stabilizes seat and is located out of baby’s way 
Additional Features: 
  • 5 point harness 
  • Seat pad is machine washable 
  • 1 C battery required, not included

Age/Height/Weight Requirements:

Weight/Height: Up to 40 lbs
Age: Birth & Up

Battery Requirements:
1 C (Not Included

Important: Read all packaging instructions (and manual warnings if applicable) prior to use.

Available at Toys R' Us for $44.99

Now for my Review!

I was really surprised when the Rocker Arrived. I couldn't believe it would fit in such a small box! (Check out my son photo bombing Ha!)  We couldn't wait for lunchtime to be over so we could put it together!

I noticed that the weight was 6 lbs to 40 lbs.  My son is 13 months old and just over 24 lbs.  It sure seems like with that weight range you are getting a lot out of this Rocker for the money!

Baby V couldn't wait to get started!

The directions are so easy even a baby can do it!  Kidding Kidding!  He loves to "help!"

Assembly was SUPER easy.  Great pictorial directions are included.  The only improvement I would make to the direction pamphlet is to direction #8.  I unbuckled all 3 buckles as the picture shows and attempted to attach the seat to the frame.  I believe it would be helpful if the picture showed that you need to unthread the harness straps in order to get it over the frame.  Obviously I figured that out and quickly had the seat cover attached.  It is just a little tweak that I think could be helpful.

I had the opportunity to spend some time with ADORABLE Baby E!  He is only 7.5 weeks old!  I brought along the rocker to see how he would fit in it.  It was super simple and quick to adjust the harness straps to fit him.  He seemed to enjoy it!

Yesterday, I took the rocker along with me to my breast feeding support class at our local hospital.  It was Baby I's turn to try the rocker.   He is 4.5 months old. Isn't he adorable!!??!!  He batted the frog around a little and watched it swing.  I loved watching him follow it with his eyes.   His mom says he has a vibrating chair that he doesn't like - but he sure didn't mind this rocker for the few minutes he checked it out!

Now on to my big guy!  Like I said - he is 24 lbs but he fits PERFECTLY in this rocker!  I love the harness as he is REALLY active these days!  I turned the vibration on and he relaxed watching Sesame Street!

I rocked Baby V with my foot while I folded laundry and he was quickly SOUND ASLEEP!  He has been super cranky the last week and not napping well because he is teething.  What a relief for me as a mom to see my son resting comfortably.  This chair is LITERALLY the only place he will nap this week!  I even resorted to taking it with me when I visited my mother in law yesterday.  He snoozed while I rocked him for 1.5 hrs!  

A little side note - Baby V woke up with a fever at 2 am this morning.  He was restless and inconsolable.   I was able to put him in the rocker and he relaxed immediately.  I actually grabbed a pillow and laid on the floor next to the rocker because he was so comfy. 

OK, so how do I like this rocker??  Well if you haven't guessed by now - I love it!  I only wish I had it when my son was first born.  I will definitely purchase this as gifts for new moms and babies!  I read a review online where the woman complained that the toy bar came off too easily.  I have to disagree.  One side of the bar firmly clicks in and the other snaps in but is able to be removed quickly and easily.   I believe that this is done purposefully.  Baby E started to spit up in the rocker and I was able to quickly detach the one side and get him out and cleaned up.  As I have mention in previous blog posts, I have Pregnancy Induced Carpal Tunnel Syndrome in my hands.  There are so many baby products out there that it is absolutely IMPOSSIBLE for me to take apart or even to adjust.  I appreciate the fact that this rocker is easily put together and adjusted while being EXTREMELY sturdy.  

The bright colors and fun toys are sure to catch your baby's attention and keep him occupied for hours.  The soft vibration seems to calm the babies and help them to relax - at least from my experience so far!

I highly recommend this product and I am looking forward to using it A LOT more with Baby V!

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  1. That would be prefect for our house! The two year old is always stealing the baby's bouncer seat but he's way too big for it. It be nice to have one I didn't have to worry about him breaking!

    1. It is seriously my son's favorite thing right now. He's fighting a cold and he's out like a light as soon as he gets into it. Last night he walked up to it and kept going "eh, eh," wanting to be put in it. In there 2 minutes and out! It's been great.
      Good Luck!!