Thursday, September 26, 2013

Nuby Easy Go Suction Bowl and Spoon Review!


From Nuby:

·         The Easy Go™ Suction Bowl and Spoon is perfect for daycare, travel, or any on-the-go occasion. The bowl is conveniently sized just right for dry cereal or other baby foods and features a suctioned base that keeps the bowl firmly in place during feeding. It also features a lid that seals tightly to keep food fresh during storage. The spoon makes a perfect travel companion because it snaps onto the lid of the bowl for easy storage. And because they are made from break resistant plastics, they are dishwasher/microwave safe and can stand up to the rigors of everyday use.
·         Available at these retailers:
·          Burlington Coat Factory
·          Ross
·          Buy Buy Baby

My Review!

As I have mentioned in the past - I am a first time mom.   I learn a lot through trial and error! ha! Nuby sent me this awesome Easy Go Suction Bowl and Spoon.  I absolutely love how the spoon snaps into the lid of the bowl!   I hate digging through my diaper bag and purse trying to find utensils when we are out and about. 

Baby V is now over 15 months old and really seeking his independence.  That means if I give him his food he wants the entire plate.  You all know how that ends - in a huge pile on the floor.  This bowl easily suctions to Baby V's highchair.   I love the fact that he can't dump it.  That being said - he still knows how to fling it from the spoon! haha!   This bowl is awesome.  I am going away with my family and this bowl is definitely making the trip with me.   It means less clean up for mommy!  I highly recommend it!  Oh, and I was really impressed to learn that it was microwave safe!!  Check it out - you won't be disappointed! 

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