Wednesday, October 30, 2013

The Nuby Step-up Stool

From Nuby:

·     The Nûby™ Step-up Stool has a No-Slip Top and No Skid Base that adds to the sturdy and convenient design. It holds up to 800 pounds and is perfect for getting to those hard to reach places. Textured surface provide the necessary grip for safe usage, and it is small enough to store discreetly.

·         Available at these retailers:

I must admit that I use this stool more than Baby V does at this point!   I've had to lower his crib because he's getting so tall and becoming a climber.  Problem is, Mommy is not so tall and has a hard time getting him in and out of the crib.  SO the Nuby Step-Up Stool is currently next to his crib to help me get him in and out safely.  It's SO sturdy.  I'm not a small woman and it holds me with no problem.  The sticker on the stool boasts that it can hold up to 800 lbs!

Baby V gets a kick out of it also.  He's recently decided he wants to be a climber - which terrifies me.  He holds onto his crib and pulls himself up on the stool so he can throw his toys into the crib.

The stool also doubles as a race car track for Baby V!

I highly recommend this product.  I'm a HUGE fan!!

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